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The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show 2010

RISC OS is the superbly efficient operating system designed in the 1980's by Acorn Computers, and its latest incarnation is used by thousands of people around the world. However, many may never have even heard of RISC OS - so if you're one of them, you've come to the right place.

Pre-dating both Windows and Mac OS to use a task bar or 'Dock', RISC OS includes many revolutionary features which are only just being copied by other systems. Its anti-aliased font technology is still the envy of the computer world and its drag 'n' drop, stackable windows GUI, flexibility and ease of use make it arguably the most productive computer system in the world today.

Thousands of applications and utilities are available, often developed by small companies and individual users, mean that you should be able to find software on RISC OS to cater for all your computing requirements. It is hoped that new developers will come on board to help promote and enhance RISC OS even more.

RISCOS.org seeks to not only introduce newcomers and experts alike to this wonderful system, but to act as a resource centre and help forum for existing users around the world. Our software database is probably the most comprehensive repository of RISC OS links anywhere on the internet, and we update it frequently with new releases.

News Headlines from the RISC OS world RSS Feed
  • NEW! [27th Oct 2008] Latest Intel chips still can't match ARM for power saving - Intel issued a "correction" Thursday regarding comments one of its executives made earlier this week slamming the iPhone as incapable of working correctly with the internet.
    Among other things, the executives accused ARM chips of being unable to "handle the internet" and singled out the iPhone as an example of a smart phone that could be really great if it used one of Intel's low-power x86 architecture processors, known as Atom.
    More Info: Silicon.com
  • NEW! [12th Oct 2008] Major new RISC OS application in development - Long-term RISC OS devotee Paul Vigay has recently announced a new application he's currently working on. With a development version to be demonstrated at the forthcoming RISC OS SE Show, WebAnim8r is a powerful and comprehensive application for creating animations and graphics suitable for including on websites and presentations.
    A flexible built-in scripting language allows the user to create complex designs with the aid of simple keywords, or fall back on the intuitive user interface.
    More Info: WebAnim8r homepage
  • [27th Sep 2008] End of the line for Iyonix - From 30th September it will no longer be possible to purchase an Iyonix computer. After 15 years of business, Jack Lillingston and John Ballance would like to thank all their customers for their support. There are still limited supplies of Iyonix computers available, so order one now as remaining stock is available on a first come, first served basis. From 1st October, support for the Iyonix will continue through the Iyonix dealer network, website and email.
    More Info: Full press release

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BBC4's Micro Men: an interview and review
Ahead of tonight's Micro Men programme, which charts the rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair and Acorn Computers in the early 1980s, drobe.co.uk spoke to the film's producer, Andrea Cornwell, to find out more about the show - and now you can read our review of the film
'Threaded' Firefox for RISC OS build released to test
An experimental build of the RISC OS port of Firefox that promises a smoother experience has been released for people to test. You'll need the latest version and then replace its executable with the one from here. The technical bit: developer Peter Naulls has moved the browser's polling for user interaction into a separate thread to aid multitasking with the rest of the RISC OS desktop.
In brief: Acorn World show this weekend
Archive editor Jim Nagel summarises what to expect at the retro-themed show. Official website here [Update 2] A report by iconbar.com's Phil Mellor of the sell-out show is here - with pictures
RISCOScode.com webzine publishes autumn issue
Drobe man Martin Hansen has updated his personal web publishing endeavour, RISCOScode.com, with a new issue for the autumn. It includes interviews with an organiser of the inaugural London RISC OS show, to be held in October 2009, and Richard Hallas, plus more bits and pieces. Go check it out. It's free.
Tanks a lot! Double USB toy driver joy
RISC OS USB guru Dave Higton has released drivers for two remote-controlled gadgets: an 'executive mayhem' tank and a mini car. Get ready to order your armoured, missile-firing kit into position and destroy your office colleagues, or instead swap your computer's circuits for your own race track with a remote-controlled banger. The source code is available and the software should work on Simtec and Castle USB stacks.


RISC OS source code to be relicensed under the Apache open source license
Hot on the heals of the reveal that RISC OS Developments had acquired Castle Technology and with it the rights to RISC OS 5, more news on the future of RISC OS has emerged this week: RISC OS Developments are working with RISC OS Open to relicense RISC OS under the Apache 2.0 License, a popular and fairly permissive open-source license.
More Acorn Magazine nostalgia
In a previous article, we covered some of the online resources for reading online some of the magazine from past years.
RISC OS London Show 2018
This year's London Show is due to take place on Saturday the 27th of October, at the usual location of the St. Giles Hotel in Feltham. The show runs from 11 AM to 5 PM, with tickets being GBP5 at the door (and under-16's free). Exhibitors this year are set to include:3rd Event Technologies, with the AMCS Music Creation systemABUG, aka the Acorn and BBC Micro User GroupAdrian Lees with Aemulour and GeminusAnthony Bartram of AMCOG Games, possibly with a brand new game ready for releaseArchive Magazine, who will be celebrating their 30th birthdayBBC Media Preservation with Paul EmertonChris Hall, who will be selling his new !FamTree app, as well as showing off his Raspberry Pi powered GPS unitCJE Micro's / The Fourth Dimension, who plan to have their band-new Pi-topRO v2 available, along with as many of their existing products as possibleDrag 'n Drop MagazineNigel WIllmott with OrganizerR-Comp with many of their products, including the new mini.m (providing they haven't lost it down the back of the sofa)Retro Software, including some previews of in-development gamesAndy Marks of RISC OS Bits, who will also be showing off some of Ident Computers's productsRISC OS Developments Ltd, who may have new information to share during their theatre presentationRISC OS Open Ltd, who are likely to have copies of RISC OS 5.24 available, along with progress updates on the bounty system and moreNeil Fazakerley's Riscy RobotsThe RISC OS User Group Of LondonMatthew and Peter Howkins with the latest version of RPCEmuSine Nomine SoftwareVince Hudd of Soft Rock SoftwareSteve Drain with Basalt and other thingsSteve Fryatt with CashBook, PrintPDF and Locate2Richard Broadhurst's Tricky GamingRobC's VideoNuLA addon for the BBC MicroAnd last but not least, the charity stand, who will be raising money for Combat StressIf that's not enough, there's also likely to be a full set of theatre presentations, from presenters including CJE, R-Comp, RISC OS Developments, and RISC OS Open.
September News round-up
Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?
DDE tools updated to DDE28c
Over the summer, ROOL quietly slipped out another update to their DDE toolset. We saw an update in April and the July release of DDEc is another incremental release.


503 Service Unavailable


RISC OS is open for business!
RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL) are hugely proud to announce that we will be working with RISC OS Developments (ROD), following their recent acquisition of the RISC OS intellectual property through the purchase of Castle Technology Ltd (Castle), in the next phase of the mission to reinvigorate the RISC OS market.
Cheque, mate. Castle changes hands.
The cat is out of the bag – Castle Technology has been acquired by RISC OS Developments as a part of their long-term plans for the development of our favourite operating system.The team at ROOL is extremely pleased to see this happen and we are very much looking forward to the possibilities that it unlocks. We’ll be happy to speak to you all at the London Show where you will be able to find out more from both RISC OS Developments and from ROOL.
Did you notice? We changed everything
There’s a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes work required to keep the services you’re using on the RISC OS Open website running, but it’s not glamourous work:Deleting spam accounts (thanks Dave!)Administering bounty donations and taming the beast (thanks Andrew!)Maintaining package lists (thanks Theo!)Keeping host OS versions patched and up to date (thanks James!)
Fruit of community effort ready to pick
Updating the User Guide from the parrot’s previous outing in 1996 has been a huge task. We’ve incorporated some of the introductory chapters about using RISC OS from the Welcome Guide (your supplier should still give you specific instructions about plugging the computer together), plus adding new chapters to cover the extra bundled applications and features in RISC OS 5.A total of 62 chapters and over 900 images were brought together, with contributions and reviewing from the community. There’s now also some tutorial material included in the latest HardDisc4 to accompany the text.In light of the community input we’ve squeezed the price down to just £20.00 (plus delivery, cost depends on destination) with an electronic copy following shortly for those who prefer to read on screen.
ROOL goes dutch at RISC OS eXperience 2018
Saturday 12th May sees the Big Ben Club hosting this year’s international RISC OS eXperience show. We look forward to seeing you there!

And maybe of interest....

The Register

Huge if true: We'll put customers, applications, and AI first, says Oracle at annual SF shindig

Well, application revenues did rise a whopping six per cent, after all

OpenWorld Oracle has kicked off the first day of its annual OpenWorld gabfest with a hard sell on applications - the chunk of the business that is, according to the latest figures, struggling the least.
F*** = off, Google tells its staff: Any mention of nookie now banned from internal files, URLs

No sex, please, we're the Chocolate Factory

Googlers must clean up their language at work as the ads giant is being anal about references to, ahem, carnal knowledge in internal web links and documents.
SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...

Database creator explains Christian-based rules to El Reg

Open-source database SQLite has told its developers it expects them to follow Christ, love chastity, clothe the naked, and not murder, steal, nor sleep with their colleagues' spouses.
Get patching, if you can: Grave TCP/IP flaws in FreeRTOS leave IoT gear open to mass hijacking

AWS-stewarded net-connected platform has multiple remote code execution vulnerabilities

Serious security flaws in FreeRTOS - an operating system kernel used in countless internet-connected devices and embedded electronics - can be potentially exploited over the network to commandeer kit.[an error occurred while processing this directive]
Forgotten that Chinese spy chip story? We haven't - it's still wrong, Super Micro tells SEC

Server maker drags Bloomberg in note to customers, watchdog, still checking its motherboards

The computer server maker at the center of a dramatic secret Chinese spy-chip story has again insisted the yarn is wrong, and called the whole thing "technically implausible."

Think Geek

Toys & Games : Batman: The Animated Series - Gotham City Under Siege
That's not the answer we want. You, by yourself, or with up to four friends, take on the roles of Batgirl, Batman, Catwoman (playing for the side of good this time), Robin, or the Gotham City Police Department. Your job is to protect Gotham, saving its citizens and foiling the baddies. $49.99
Home & Office : 2019 Super Nintendo Retro Art Wall Calendar
Celebrate '19 like it's '91. With a mix of box art, pixel art, and illustrations, this calendar alternates between five classic SNES games: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Star Fox, and Super Metroid. $14.99
Collectibles : Ready Player One Score - Exclusive AECH Vinyl LP
Ninjas don't hug. It only makes sense to bring on a superstar of 80s soundtracks to score a tribute to the 80s - somebody who made the music for Back to the Future, Predator, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That someone, obv, is Alan Silvestri. $29.99
Home & Office : 2019 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wall Calendar
The Legend of Zelda: The Calendar of Time. Set off on an epic journey with our hero Link as he embarks on a series of quests to save the Hyrule Kingdom in this 16-month calendar. It takes you into the action-packed adventure with breathtaking artwork from the newest addition to the series. $14.99
Collectibles : Ultimate Pennywise Figure - "I Love Derry" Exclusive
You'll float too. You may have seen this Ultimate Pennywise Figure from NECA & Reel Toys, based on Pennywise from the 2017 version of IT with Bill Skarsgård. Our GameStop / ThinkGeek exclusive edition for SDCC 2018 includes a severed arm. $34.99

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