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The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show 2010

RISC OS is the superbly efficient operating system designed in the 1980's by Acorn Computers, and its latest incarnation is used by thousands of people around the world. However, many may never have even heard of RISC OS - so if you're one of them, you've come to the right place.

Pre-dating both Windows and Mac OS to use a task bar or 'Dock', RISC OS includes many revolutionary features which are only just being copied by other systems. Its anti-aliased font technology is still the envy of the computer world and its drag 'n' drop, stackable windows GUI, flexibility and ease of use make it arguably the most productive computer system in the world today.

Thousands of applications and utilities are available, often developed by small companies and individual users, mean that you should be able to find software on RISC OS to cater for all your computing requirements. It is hoped that new developers will come on board to help promote and enhance RISC OS even more.

RISCOS.org seeks to not only introduce newcomers and experts alike to this wonderful system, but to act as a resource centre and help forum for existing users around the world. Our software database is probably the most comprehensive repository of RISC OS links anywhere on the internet, and we update it frequently with new releases.

News Headlines from the RISC OS world RSS Feed
  • NEW! [27th Oct 2008] Latest Intel chips still can't match ARM for power saving - Intel issued a "correction" Thursday regarding comments one of its executives made earlier this week slamming the iPhone as incapable of working correctly with the internet.
    Among other things, the executives accused ARM chips of being unable to "handle the internet" and singled out the iPhone as an example of a smart phone that could be really great if it used one of Intel's low-power x86 architecture processors, known as Atom.
    More Info: Silicon.com
  • NEW! [12th Oct 2008] Major new RISC OS application in development - Long-term RISC OS devotee Paul Vigay has recently announced a new application he's currently working on. With a development version to be demonstrated at the forthcoming RISC OS SE Show, WebAnim8r is a powerful and comprehensive application for creating animations and graphics suitable for including on websites and presentations.
    A flexible built-in scripting language allows the user to create complex designs with the aid of simple keywords, or fall back on the intuitive user interface.
    More Info: WebAnim8r homepage
  • [27th Sep 2008] End of the line for Iyonix - From 30th September it will no longer be possible to purchase an Iyonix computer. After 15 years of business, Jack Lillingston and John Ballance would like to thank all their customers for their support. There are still limited supplies of Iyonix computers available, so order one now as remaining stock is available on a first come, first served basis. From 1st October, support for the Iyonix will continue through the Iyonix dealer network, website and email.
    More Info: Full press release

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BBC4's Micro Men: an interview and review
Ahead of tonight's Micro Men programme, which charts the rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair and Acorn Computers in the early 1980s, drobe.co.uk spoke to the film's producer, Andrea Cornwell, to find out more about the show - and now you can read our review of the film
'Threaded' Firefox for RISC OS build released to test
An experimental build of the RISC OS port of Firefox that promises a smoother experience has been released for people to test. You'll need the latest version and then replace its executable with the one from here. The technical bit: developer Peter Naulls has moved the browser's polling for user interaction into a separate thread to aid multitasking with the rest of the RISC OS desktop.
In brief: Acorn World show this weekend
Archive editor Jim Nagel summarises what to expect at the retro-themed show. Official website here [Update 2] A report by iconbar.com's Phil Mellor of the sell-out show is here - with pictures
RISCOScode.com webzine publishes autumn issue
Drobe man Martin Hansen has updated his personal web publishing endeavour, RISCOScode.com, with a new issue for the autumn. It includes interviews with an organiser of the inaugural London RISC OS show, to be held in October 2009, and Richard Hallas, plus more bits and pieces. Go check it out. It's free.
Tanks a lot! Double USB toy driver joy
RISC OS USB guru Dave Higton has released drivers for two remote-controlled gadgets: an 'executive mayhem' tank and a mini car. Get ready to order your armoured, missile-firing kit into position and destroy your office colleagues, or instead swap your computer's circuits for your own race track with a remote-controlled banger. The source code is available and the software should work on Simtec and Castle USB stacks.


!DualHead puts 2 screens in one
R-Comp have been very busy in developing !DualHead and release 3 is now available. This includes more polish and one really cool new feature....
November News
Some things we noticed in the RISC OS world this month. What did you see?
!Organizer 2.28 reviewed
!Organizer 2.28 was released at the London Show.
!OBrowse reviewed
!OBrowse was originally released as a 'freebie/thank-you' to anyone who had put money into RISC OS developments. It has been updated for the London Show and was also available for sale at 40 pounds (providing a simple way for people who wanted to contribute smaller amounts to the project).


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Get your hands on the definitive BBC BASIC reference
Launched at the London 2017 show, ROOL are now shipping from stock a fully revised edition of the BBC BASIC Reference Manual for anybody who wasn’t able to make it there in person.
The prime time London Show 2017
Set your clocks for this year’s London Show at the St. Giles hotel, Feltham, on Saturday 28th October. The show is open to the public from 11am to 5pm, which also happens to be the last day of summer time in the UK.
H-IP h-IP hooray
Join us in raising a glass to the 20th birthday of the RISC OS network stack last being updated. That’s right – 1997 marked the release of Internet 5 as part of RISC OS 3.70, and a big step forward in its IP networking capabilities.
Where to store all those noughts and ones
Join us on stand 15 at the Wakefield show this weekend and witness previously unheard of amounts of storage on RISC OS. We’ll be demonstrating a 2TB (yes, that’s 2,000,000,000,000 or 2 × 10 12 bytes) drive in native Acorn FileCore format attached directly to the disc controller.

And maybe of interest....

The Register

Intel beefs up low-end line with Gemini Lake CPUs

Pentium Silver, Celeron get gigabit WiFi update

Intel has released the successors to its low-power Pentium 'Silver' and Celeron lines.
Canuck privacy commissioner to dig into Uber data breach

Formal investigation launched. Not the first, won't be the last

Canada's privacy commissioner has launched a formal investigation into the massive data breach concealed by the ride-hailing app company Uber.
Microsoft asks devs for quantum leap of faith

Try writing quantum code in Q#, because...uh, teleportation

Those without access to a quantum computer can console themselves with Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit, introduced as a preview release on Monday.
Forget Bruce Willis, Earth's atmosphere is our best defense against meteorites

Porous space rocks just can't handle the pressure

Researchers have discovered why most meteorites disintegrate before they reach Earth - and it's all to do with atmospheric pressure.
Kentucky lawmaker pushes smut filter law (update: maybe not)

Rep. Johnson shuns Kentucky sly clickin'

A state legislator in Kentucky wants to mandate porn filters on all PCs and mobile phones sold in the state.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Think Geek

Home & Office : Fallout Geeki Tikis
Drink with Vault-Tec to a brighter tomorrow. These Fallout Geeki Tikis will bring some levity to all your post-apocalyptic drinking needs. This set of 4 includes a Deathclaw, Dogmeat, the Power Armor, and Vault Boy. Each holds around 14 ounces of whatever you want to fill them with. $59.99
Clothing : D&D D20 Dress
Roll for wallet damage. It's a tank dress with a repeating pattern of d20s on it. And it has pockets. For holding your actual d20s. $49.99
Collectibles : Undertale Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP
Listening to this soundtrack fills you with determination. Warning: this soundtrack will make you feel your feelings! The UNDERTALE soundtrack by Toby Fox is now available on vinyl in Pacifist Blue and Genocide Red, with artwork by Drew Wise, and a bonus word search puzzle from your buddy Sans! $39.99
Home & Office : Marvel Thor and Hulk Geeki Tiki Two Pack
Prepare for battle. Make your kale smoothies 27% more enjoyable with this set of Marvel Geeki Tikis in the form of Hulk and Thor. These heroes will hold around 14 ounces of whatever drink you can throw at them so they can help you relax or power through your day. $29.99
Home & Office : Star Trek: TOS Bridge Set Lamp
Set lights to stun-ning. Climb aboard the Starship Enterprise and play captain as you light your room with this ThinkGeek-exclusive Star Trek TOS Bridge Set Lamp. Be sure to include some red-shirted security officers to ensure your survival. $99.99

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  • Photodesk Resources - A new section contains additional resources, such as textures and stamps for the popular Photodesk application. (21st Sep 2008)
  • Wakefield 2008 - A few photos I took at the Wakefield Show. Unfortunately there aren't many because I didn't manage to get away from the stand during the day. (26th Apr 2008)
  • Clip Art - I've just created a new section, containing various clip art files I've created, which are free for people to use. (9th Apr 2008)
  • iMachine announcement An archived copy of our 2008 April Fool.... (1st Apr 2008)
  • CSA.* FAQ gets revamp and new home I've started giving the CSA.* FAQ a major overhaul, along with moving it to its new home at www.riscos.org/csafaq/ (4th Mar 2008)
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