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RISC OS is the operating system of choice for thousands of users around the world. Yet, many people have never even heard of it. I guess those who HAVE used it know how pleasurable and productive it's use can be, whereas those who have yet to experience it for themselves continue to think computers are bad, unreliable things that keep going wrong or doing things you don't want them to do.

RISC OS was the revolutionary operating system devised by Acorn, back in 1987 to power the world's first ARM based personal computers (despite what Apple claimed at the time!). Yes, Acorn were also the inventors of the ARM (Acorn Risc Machine) chip, which is arguably the most abundant micro processor in the world today, powering thousands of devices from mobile phones, personal electronic organisers and printers to desktop computers and video game consoles. To this end, RISC OS is the only operating system which allows you to learn ARM machine code programming 'out of the box' with no additional tools or software.

Although Acorn, the original manufacturer is no more (it got snapped up and sold when accountants realised that it's ARM shares were worth more than the parent company), manufacturing rights to the powerful Risc PC range of personal computers (PCs) passed to Castle Technology Ltd who continued to manufacture them right up until 2004. However, Castle weren't sitting back doing nothing. They were secretly developing a new machine based on modern ARM technology, the superfast, power economical X-Scale processor. In 2004 they announced to the world the Iyonix computer, which was met with critical acclaim not only by long-term Acorn enthusiasts but also by intelligent computer users around the world who were fed up with Microsoft based PCs being unreliable and inefficient.

So, what's so fantastic about RISC OS then? Why is it such a secret weapon amongst those who use it, yet relatively unknown throughout the world?

The reason I call it a secret weapon is that it gives me the edge in my business - which is a huge benefit in todays high competition IT industry. The biggest advantage is its sheer productivity. RISC OS gets the job done - and I'm usually finalising a job just as a similarly competent Microsoft user is struggling on the first stage of the task in hand. This allows me to give better quotes, quicker response times and faster turn-around of time-critical contracts. For example, by using RISC OS I can usually guarantee to undercut a web design quote and, at the same time, get it done in half the time.

I guess that in summary, RISC OS tools and applications are simply more intuitive, more productive and 'nicer' to use.

Rather than try to list here, the hundreds of advantages of RISC OS over alternative's such as Windows and Mac OS, the following links serve to highlight some of the key features.

RISC OS sample 'desktop'
Click here to view fullsize (opens in a new window) [680K]
N.B.Converted from the original 16 million colours down to 256 colours to make the filesize smaller and thus save download time

My favourite ten reasons to use RISC OS

If you have your own preferences or even websites detailing other advantages, please feel free to contact us and we'll link to it from here.

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