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Welcome to the only job site for the RISC OS market. Supporting Companies

Welcome to the RISC OS Job vacancies web-site. We're dedicated to providing the most up to date job vacancy information on Acorn/RISC OS related jobs.


For this relaunch we are providing 2 new services.

Voluntary jobs and projects list. Are you looking for someone to help you with an RISC OS related project or idea then this is the place to put your request.

Freelance Advertising. Are you a freelancer who provides services to the RISC OS market. Then you can use this space to advertise. Please send a short advertisement/description of what you do to us and we will post it here.

If you are a business in the RISC OS market you can have your logo on this site all we need is your word when you have a vacancy available you will send it to us.

All RISC OS related jobs that are sent to us will be posted on this site together with any others that are posted on the comp.sys.acorn news groups.

There is also a mailing list you can join, so you can have all the latest jobs sent to you. Just send an email to and put subscribe in the subject.

New vacancies open at:
Vacancies open at:


Support us and get your logo here.


Support us and get your logo here.

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