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If you want to be sent details of any jobs that are listed on this web-site, there is a mail list you can join. Just send an email to with subscribe in the subject.

Basic Programmers required for Freddy Teddy PLUS series.

Its not often we'll do this, but it's an exciting project so I'm making an exception. The Freddy Teddy series from Topologika Software has long been regarded as a shining example of quality early learning software: and it is good stuff, although it must be said that the RISC OS versions are sadly lacking behind their PC and Mac counterparts in terms of graphics.

We'd like to redress the balance, and are hence looking for one programmer who feels comfortable playing with RISC OS sprite manipulation, and who would be able to help us update the existing Freddy Teddy titles with enhanced graphics, and perhaps sound also.

I only need one programmer for this role, and it's going to be a royalty jobbie so we're looking for a keen hobbyist rather than a professional programmer; and its not a full time affair either - at most perhaps a night a week.

If you're up for it, email me and we'll get the ball rolling. Please attach to your email a working example of a Basic program manipulating sprites (preferably in lots of colours).


If this is something that would interest you David can be contacted at


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