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Directory of RISC OS ICQ Users
This page is to share contact details for RISC OS users who use ICQ ('I seek you') chat.

 ICQ User Database (204 users)  (alphabetical order)ADD YOURSELF 
NameICQ No.Location
 keen riscos user. sings in local choir play chess. read a lot. two grownup sons
 Student, RISC OS enthusiast, website designer.
Graham Allen6766048Petersfield
 Acorn programmer and web designer, Xyra on IRC.
Mike Allum22516206Whitchurch (Hants)
 Consulting Software Engineer. Gamer. Bon viveur. Singer. All round good-egg...
Luke Anders22206152Torquay
 Assembler / Basic / HTML. Interested in discussing programming.
Alex Bach Anderson8285066Kbenhavn
 Freelance conductor, and a great fan of RISC OS computers
Ian Anderson71888289Nottinghamshire
Wayne Bagguley39512823Near Wrexham
 Software engineer
Andrew Bain41891698Spennymoor
 A 13 year old loyal acorn enthusiast. Likes quake!
Fred Bambrough19673260London
Peter Bauer100348292Vienna
 Acorn enthusiast,
Stefan Bellon40173626Reutlingen (D)
 RISC OS enthusiast
Joris van den Berg17127178Enschede (NL)
 Student mechanical engineering. In my free time I do programming work for a surveying office.
Pierre Bernhardt22708896Paderborn
Maarten Bezemer82976224Enschede (NL)
 Elektrotechniek student
Kostya Bezgin118840009Kiev
 Use BBC-B, B+64, Master-128 at Kiev school #303 for education, collect BBC emulators and use Archie emulator
Will Blatchley94029025Akita, Japan
 RISC OS Programmer, and fan
Nick Boalch17407400Durham
 RISC OS & Unix enthusiast, Itagne on IRC/talkers.
Oliver Booth30160843Manchester
 Accountancy and Finance degree student, Acorn enthusiast, LAN maintainer at local school.
Steve Bradburn19675178Wigan-ish
 Risc PC and Psion 3c user (though not always at the same time).
Nathan Briggs89587685Sheffield/Solihull
 He who is forced to use Windoze at uni - d'oh!
Ben Brook46157370Surbiton
 Short term owner of Acorns (3 years) known as Tuano on IRC and ICQ.
D'Arcangeli Bruno104816296Corbes
 RISC OS, NetBSD, MAYA, IRIX user and fan.
Toby Bryans32922771London
Allan Butler42868628Melbourne, Australia
 I use my SA RPC for graphic illustrations and DTP in an office full of MS.
John Campbell Rees19679867Treherbert (Rhondda)
 I work as a library assistant in my local branch library. Love science fiction, good food, good beer and travelling.
Liz (fell_of_the_bridge)85754194Lincoln, UK
 I'm a nice person,I like UFO's and WWF.I also like to surf the net.
David Carrington68527297East Ham, London
 Trainee Teacher and Dr Who Fanatic.
David Chapman45234085Dewsbury
Gareth Cheesman5180743 
 another poor student, unhealthy interest in silicon
Daniel Chote10780972Thames (New Zealand)
 Been working with computers since the age of 7, now in full time job fixing/building them.
Alex Cleater96172874London
 Just a regular sort of student type thingy. Internet alias and ICQ nickname: treaclle
Al Cleminson20931248Derby
 Freelance web designer, Part-time audio engineer, full-time RISC OS fan & tyke!
Jeremy Coates16094318Preston
 Acorn Nut (since'81), Computing Degree Student, Occupational Therapist, Web Designer, Auth.RISC OS Installer, Proprieter of Co-Comp.
Simon Connell32582801Derby
 For my homepage visit
Andrew Conroy21292019Worthing
 Backup Moderator of c.s.a.announce.
Stephen Courtney43423773Newport (Isle of Wight)
 Acorn News Service (ANS) webmaster, classical music player (percussion) and computer addict :-)
Brian Cox72077375Kingswinford
 Retired teacher, Acorn fan, operatic society conductor.
Allen Craig9948225Hamilton, NZ
 Ex UK, Acorns since BBC days, Chemist, Doing post grad.dip. comp.prog.(C++)
Stephen Crocker44638394Solihull
 Warning! Exposure to this individual has been known to result in loss of hair/temper.
Mark Daniel26495898Birmingham
 Student, amateur programmer and RISC OS fan. Also known as Mad Cow.
Alan Davies91568008Birkenhead
 Head of Computing at Birkenhead School. Yes, we still have some Acorns!
Renaud Desportes24757519Rouen (FR)
 Lucky enough to work al
Darren I.Dootson57079305Leeds
 Teacher of Physics at St. Marys rc Menston. Long time Acorn fan and hater of using Microsoftarse products.
Chris Downs19474474 
 Xeno on IRC #argonet, #acorn Mountainbikingpsychomaniacdownhillraggamuffinstylee innit..
John Duffell89387510Teesside
 No claim to fame, but see for current projects.
Keith Dunlop100992612Surbiton
 RISC OS evangelist - to those who listen or to those who don't...
Rob Durk101039140Leeds
Allan Eagle71571802London
 Acorn enthusiast, plays quake, author of QServer
Gary Elliott38547621Seoul (for now)
Simon Elzinga28425359Soest - NL
Bryn Evans29644429York
 'Interesting Sites' web site - Long time Acorn enthusiast - !Connect help on Site.
John Evans50462241Watford
 Acorn Enthusiast.
Neil Farnham-Smith59709881Farnham, Surrey
 I run the Acorn Enthusiasts Group -, Pumba on IRC & ICQ a name given to me by my friends. I work for myself during the day supporting and installing computers. I support a large number of Acorn NC installations in schools around the south.
Steven Farrow28555549Rottingdean
John Ferguson86479466Taunton
Brian Ferris104768637East Molesey
 Acorn Lover
René Fliescher77523418Wolfen
 Acorn RiscPC User, Networking
Dave Floyd22986133West London
 Archive magazine website maintainer. Long time Acorn and RISC OS enthusiast.
Kerry Floyd32485571Southampton
 An Acorn enthusiast since the age of 1, Kerry has managed to learn some basic BASIC and created RISC OS Rising.
 Once upon a time...
Michael Foot20569726Auckland
Tim Fountain21624839London/Lancashire
 Web designer who (sorta) runs Acorn Arcade, My own site, The Icon Bar). The rest of the time I'm a poor student.
Mark Foweraker103934349Caerphilly
 Traffic Engineer. RPC SA used for most things. Could not face using M$ at home as well ;-)
Chris France96636740NE England
Simon Frost92745521Manchester
 I'm a 15 year old with a Risc PC. Interested in HTML, games and the net
Jan-Jaap van der Geer5208265Oslo
Willem F.Glimmerveen24001352Ermelo (The Netherlands)
 Acorn user from 1983. Fencer.
Richard Goodwin19597894Chichester/Nottingham
 Web designer.
Stephen Grant99933009Allestree (Derbyshire)
 The programmer of the RISCOS version of Airlift. And Counter-Strike guru.
Paul Grattage178539101Lake (IOW)
 15 year old Risc OS enthusiast
Phil Grover18338959Loughborough
 Acorn programmer & enthusiast, interested in Home Cinema & TVRs
Stuart Halliday43570110Livingston
 Webmaster of The Acorn Cybervillage web site.
Jess Hampshire91353267 
 Computer engineer (The wrong type). Also Web site design (On Riscos)
Andrew P.Harmsworth34098817Cambridge
 Teacher of physics at The Leys School, Cambridge.
Jeff Haskell24285195Salisbury Ish
 Chod on ICQ/IRC - #Acorn,#Argonet Rough Programmer, Beta Tester
Ian Hawkins8720453Shropshire
 Webmaster of, programmer, techie :-)
Andy Hayes53314000Horsham
 IT Bloke
Steven Hayter79149823Waterlooville
 Programmer, Quake(1,2,3), Linux User (aka NoMercy)
Hans Heinsbroek108426866Schiedam
 Happy RISCOS User. Continuously trying to avoid "type5", but failing miserably.
Jack Hetherington81242564Ashby de la Zouch
 13 year old kid learning the ways and wonders of Basic programming.
David Horman15636778Jersey
Gary Horsham33209404Blackpool
Stephen Hull42985940Wirral
 Acorn enthusiast.
Alex James59825537Street, Somerset
 General Acorn computer enthusiast.
Simon John15267939Sussex, The World, 8N1
 Real Nice Guy (!) RISC OS/Linux enthusiast, Web Developer and writer of AcornICQ VIX
Chris "Chika" Johnson15258170Romford, Essex
 Pooter botherer by day, anime fanatic by night, RISC OS user by preference and short circuit journalist for a bit of fun... :)
Paul Johnson93090188Liverpool
Linda Johnstone54919054Whangarei, NZ
 Equally crazy about RISC OS and huggles - and I'm not nuts!
Tim Joseph72306785Oxford
Johannes Kiessling12968879Oehringen, Germany
 Art-teacher, enjoy producing computer art and - in love with Susie in St.Ives, England :-)
Stephen King29450978Crowborough
Udo Koehnlein3501803Gunzenhausen
 RISC OS enthusiast.
Gerrit Kruijer37820775Amstelhoek
 I live in the Netherlands and am interested besides Acorn in country music.
Roger Lakeman23921276Didcot, Oxfordshire
 Getting near retirement :-)
Paul Leech11322050Whitehaven
 Been with Acorn since the Atom :-)
Maureen Lewtas34257519Cleveleys
 Secretary, Blackpool Computer Club
David Llewellyn-Jones99650943Birmingham
 I like art and programming (on RISC OS!). Visit
Walter Lo Nigro50510929Trieste, Italy
 Freelance choir conductor, Sibelius 7 user, author of !SibToDraw.
Liege Luckett9327803East Cowes, Isle of Wight
 Kinetic Acorn user employed by Southern Vectis (local buses) in the Great British Bus Timetable department creating the book and our computerised enquiry system all on Acorns. :) Website coming soon!
Marko Lukat15719904Reading, Berks
 Software engineer.
Alex Ma36848902Hong Kong
Alex Macfarlane Smith29035638Dundee
Tony Mackley72118389Teddington
Ton Mandos49074562Veldhoven
 After a couple of years work (15 years) again as a student, also a great corrado and RISC PC fan.
Theo Markettos22281786Liphook, Hampshire/Cambridge
 Geology Student (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge), theatre techie, occasional Acorn hardware/software developer.
Dr Charles McEvoy38414891York
 Medical doctor in GP training. Long time user of Acorn/RISC OS.
David McEwen21288508London
 Acorn emulator porter and games programmer.
Nicholas McGovern63862635Southport
 Wanna-be programmer who's dying for site hits :-)
William McNee94677008Broxburn
 Acorn user for many years.
Is just a mere user. Loves playing games and surfing the net.
Mark McNicholl24978569 
 Student who doesn't mind the world of Acorn ( a rare thing )
Michael Meding47444004Berlin
 I hava coded some small games for the Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC.
Kees Meijer89496714Leerdam
 Risc PC gebruiker AND Microsoft-hater
Angelo Melis15109617Haaksbergen (NL)
 AcornICQ author, RISC OS programmer and enthusiast.
Ian Molton10443353England
 Acorn Enthusiast, programmer, and student.
Andrew Moore59433335Tauranga (NZ)
 Die-hard Acorn/RISC OS chappie.
Gareth Moore32513062Cambridge editor
Ron Morgan22608769Hull
 The bearded one!
Chris Morison82023610Birmingham
 RISC OS user and programmer
John Morris95362909Halifax
Patrick Mortara43580848Frankfurt/Germany
Stuart Murden4847030Crowborough
Peter Naulls97252665Cambridge, UK
 All round RISC OS expert.
Paul Nolan96467046Hull
 RISC OS programmer + great big puff extraordinaire! :-)
Darren Northcott117430846 
Richard Olivey99388445 
 RISC OS Dabler ;) since 1987, Acorn User since 1981 :
Maarten Ottens74085782Changing rapidly 2d,3d & 4d design
Steven M.Ottens15119142Wageningen (NL)
 GraphRisc on IRC/ICQ - long time out of ICQ, back again now - anyone wants !mICQ?
Russell Palmer19490566Stourbridge
 RISC OS Programmer, Oxford Student of Materials Science.
Erich Paul24501579Vlotho
Jason Perry47100849Leeds
 Audio engineer/programmer
Carl Pfeiffer79157363Watford
 Acorn user since 1987, maintainer of the !Browse Mailing List, general good bloke...
Denis Pichugin8173849Moscow
 Owner of Kinetic RiscPC,Programmer
Frits Polak71902273Abcoude, NL
Andrew Poole86111553Northwich, Cheshire
 An Acorn enthusiast and church bell ringer.
Geoff Potter71790536Croydon
Matthew Price5048326Swadlincote, Derbyshire
 Acorn enthusiast and BASIC/WIMP programming. Been around the Acorn block since 1994. Currently doing A-Levels (until June 2001), then Uni
Peter Price38335280Shrewsbury, Shropshire
 Webmaster and News Editor of Drobe Launch Pad
Kostas Proitsakis22431785Thessaloniki
 GUS of Arm's Tech. Computer science teacher in profession, Acorn programmer in the heart.
Simon Pyatt68605815Birmingham
 New to AcornICQ, any help would be appreciated
Dave Ramsden15890848Hampshire
 Author of NetLM and ShareLM for RISC OS -
Jonathan Ramsden106974895Hampshire
Mark Randall72746364Spratton
 StrongArm RiscPC user and collector of computers.
James Reynolds110174482Cambridge
 Mainly programme in ARM code, written Spectrum, at Uni. Nice.
Glenn Richards15103854Wotton-Under-Edge
 Acorn user (fanatic?) since 1995, after being saved from the dark evilness of PCs. Had a BBC Micro once, now has several, and an Econet network.
Nick Riley60735220Sutton Coldfield
 Interests are music and computers. RISC OS user of many years.
Jon Ripley59461687Sheffield
 RISC OS & BBC enthusiast, programmer, constantant, freelance stuff and general wierd stuff
Ken Rohde101666244 
n rolfe102940729Bridgwater
 acorn nut since bbc b came out still trying to get icq to work on my risc pc but i need modules (icq on pc yuk!) :-)
Paolo Rossi71411340Torino (Italy)
Mark Rowan (Tamias)30759398High Wycombe, Bucks
 14 year old who fancies himself as a bit of a programmer :-) Tamias on IRC
David Ruck47337946Gloucester
 The ARM Club technical support co-ordinator.
John Rye105130467Ipswich
Rich Sage34348976Northop, N.Wales
 Acorn enthusiast, part-time DJ, student
John Sandford64289292Hemel Hempstead
 Acorn enthusiast since 1982
Stefan Schlesinger38479893Saarbruecken (D)
 German Acorn Dealer
Tony Schonfeld23159624London
Vic Shears19839176Maidstone
 Broadcast Videotape Engineer/Editor and long standing RISC OS user.
Rob Simm62359650Warrington
 Poor student
Tomislav Simnett9329534London
 Long term Acorn user and enthusiast.
Alan Simpson15200490Aberdeen
 A willing Guinea Pig for all you programers
Stephen Sloan32521005Chorley/Oxford
 Zathras on IRC, Maths undergraduate at BNC, Oxford.
Simon Smith17019720Gilsland
 The Acorn world's resident Rachmaninov worshipper. Known to some as Chunk!
Alan Sparrow21161145Stevenage
 IT Professional & Acorn enthusiast. Member of the Welwyn & Hatfield Computer Club. Member of the Acorn Users RC5 team (#4266)
Neil Spellings47122052Croydon, Surrey
 AAUG Chairman and long-term RISC OS fan.
Andy Spence71549746Essex
 RiscOS user. Maintainer of Acorn Gaming 98-2000 and a games column in the Risc World magazine. Also into programming crappy PD games...
James Stevens14960457Bradford
 Known as Jaz on IRC
Dave Stratford78317631High Wycombe
 Photographer, programmer, Acorn enthusiast (and occasional programmer) first aider and general all round good egg!!
Michael Stubbs82264053Leeds
 Music student, Web designer and all round Acorn/RISC OS nutter. Ex-technician working with Acorns.
Thomas Sutton71650315Bedford
 Infamous Churchillian socialist who commonly uses the internet alias of 'Aslan'.
Tank71352210Earl Shilton
Dave Taylor77214006Liverpool
 1/2 of Skullsoft
Paul Taylor2080052Nr.Redcar
 Games programmer
 RiscPC user -Known as SlyFox on both ICQ and IRC.
Jeffrey Theobald65867640Melbourne, Australia
 Another of the elite Australians who know what a real computer is...
Tina Thielsch119631011Jessnitz
Wijnand Thompson44664791Sandy, Bedfordshire
 Werwulf on IRC/ICQ.
Alexander Thoukydides65759444Bournemouth
 Author of ARMEdit, PsiFS and Virtualise. Homepage
Wim C.Timmer23420236Nederhorst
 Retired sr engeneer Netherlands National Television (67 years)
Andrew Timmins47867883Dudley, West Midlands
 Software engineer, specialising in RISC OS/NC OS development.
Ben Timms21913557Southampton/Cambridge
 A young impressionable mind in a big world... Creates many half-baked programmes and thinks the world should know Perl.
Ren H.Turner27674131Hamilton (NZ)
 Acorn Nut since '82. BioMech Engineer, Head Injury Webmistress, Smile ReneInNZ on ICQ & IRC, Homepage
Andy Turton169703435Quinton, nr. Brum
 Have been interested in computers since 1974 when I used FORTRAN on mainframes as a chem. undergrad. progressed through research to lecturing in science and used Commodore PETs, BBC's, Archies and Retired science lecturer (50) and wannabe RISC OS programmer.
John Tytgat53411757Gent / Belgium
 Long time Acorn/RISC OS hacker. Wrote things like MacFS and AppleTalk.
Jos Ulijn25405512Enschede - Netherlands
Ferdinand Veldmans82326833Eindhoven, The Netherlands
 Software engineer, member of Topix
Paul Vigay15533406Southsea, Hampshire
 Acorn programmer and enthusiast. Interested in the paranormal.
Howard Watson71112482Preston
 Acorn coder, projects wanted.
Gemma Waugh96609928Exeter
 RISC OS fanatic website=
Russell Webster72130178York
Andreas Weise15617880Siegen
 German Userlist - Map of German Risc-OS-Users Visit :
Niklaus Weiss40440610Zug, Switzerland
 Assembly language programmer under RISC OS
Steve White65927094Halifax
 Geography teacher/NASUWT active member. Keeps ducks and other animals!
Stanislav Williams17721312Utrecht the Netherland
 Networked Acorn SARPC/ARC user for everything :o) Currenty employed as System Developer (Cool:GEN)
Andy Wingate24899762Brighton/Oxford (50/50)
 Xyzzy on IRC/Talkers - likes testing things out and playing with NetBSD/arm32
Jason Wolfe33690731London
 Acorn & Psion enthusiast. I run websites on Medical Psioning & Medical Humour @
Jon Wright20987246Buckinghamshire
 Acorn enthusiast that goes by the name of Jonix. Perl and HTML a speciality.
Keith Wright19506783Denmark, Western Australia
 RiscOS using, Aussie teacher.
Nick Wright2502588Ossett
 Acorn Arcade's Doom section maintainer and loyal RISC OS fanatic.
Stefan Wuerthner44122883Filderstadt
Paolo Zaino51399293Popoli (Italy)
 Programmer, PHP, Navaho Server, Samba server, HTML, BBC Basic and C/C++ (A.I., Networking)
Laurens Zijlstra33486807Hilversum
 RiscPC gebruiker

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