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  • [8th Jun 2008] Benefits of RISC OS touted in US Patent - I'm not sure if this is news or not (it was to me, not recollecting having seen it mentioned previously) but whilst researching 3D optical imaging on the internet, I stumpled across US Patent 7105795 - "Imaging system, methodology, and applications employing reciprocal space optical design" - which favourably mentions RISC OS, running on an ARM based hardware design. They recommend using RISC OS, "which is a ROM-based OS that has both high- and low-level abstractions, is very robust, and has been deployed since 1987. It also has a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface. Code density, due to the RISC techniques employed, is very good, and major applications generally only use 100's of kilobytes. typically, complete computing systems can be obtained that make use of RISCOS and the ARM processors in the form of single-board computers. Power requirements very rarely exceed 5 10 Watts."
    The patent was granted back in Sept 2006 so it may be news to some people, but I thought I'd mention it. :-)
    More Info: Patentstorm

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