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Star Fighter 3000 updated
Chris Bazley, the current maintainer of the futuristic aerial combat game Star Fighter 3000 has released another update which fixes a minor bug in the previous release.
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Geminus Screen Acceleration available! today (Friday 9th) announced that Geminus (screen acceleration) software for IYONIX pc is now available for purchase and download. The price for all the acceleration features is £40+vat (£47)
Since the beta release last month, they've tuned the caching algorithm and added a new acceleration feature - DMA transfers for "Tinct" plotted sprites (as used by Netsurf and Firefox) plus fixed the reported bugs.
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TIFF translation
David Pilling has taken the TIFF loader from Ovation Pro for Windows and turned it into a Transloader for RISC OS. This means that applications such as Ovation, Impression and ArtWorks can benefit from loading TIFF images directly. Unlike TransFSI supplied with Ovation Pro, this new loader can handle CMYK TIFFs.
Download here

ArtWorks2 Updates!
Martin Wuerthner has been busy this week, releasing two updates to the premier RISC OS vector drawing application ArtWorks2. Version 2.54 was released on Tuesday, which unfortunately contained a bug which prevented PDF or SVG export. However, this was soon rectified and version 2.55 was released on Thursday. Registered users can download it from the MW Software website.

Iyonix Select pledge achieve target!
Phil Mellor's Pledgebank pledge that he would subscribe to Iyonix Select if 99 other people joined him, has reached it's target. The ball is now in RISCOS Ltd's court, as they now have at least 100 interested people following their own reuqest that one hundred customers were required to make Iyonix Select a reality.
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