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Windows NT3.51 Tweaks

This page is mainly for more advanced users who wish to tweak some of the settings within Windows NT in order to get a more reliable NetBEUI connection with Acorn network cards running OmniClient.

Possible Problems Linking RISC OS to Windoze NT
Please note that changing the following values should only be carried out by people who know what they are doing. Don't blame me if your Windows goes pear-shaped (mind you, it doesn't take much to make Windows go wrong!!). Any wrong settings can seriously upset your system. Remember to make a note of the existing values before you change them.

Load the Registry database from the Diagnostics application - Tools -> Registry editor.


  1. in LANMANSERVER, PARAMETERS create the value Autodisconnect and set it to Reg_DWORD Hex ffffffff.
  2. in NBF, PARAMETERS set LLCRetries decimal 32
  3. in NBF, PARAMETERS set General Retries to decimal 12.
  4. in NBF, PARAMETERS increase Default T1 timeout from decimal 6000000 to decimal 600000000. (ie. change from 6 zeros to 7 zeros - and don't confuse with Ti Timeout)

You may also wish to edit the GeneralTimeout by adding an extra 0 on the end.

You will have to reboot the NT server after changing these settings and I'd also recommend powering off and back on again in order to reset the network card.

These suggestions won't neccessarily remove the problem permanently, but might make the 'up time' a bit longer before it reoccurs.

N.B. These changes have only been tested on NT 3.51

I hope these instructions might be of some use to people having timeout problems.

As always, do feel free to contact me if any of the steps above don't work or if you would like further help or information. I try to avoid using Windows as much as possible so I might reserve the right not to answer technical Windows orientated questions. :-)

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