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Section 7 - Online Resources

 Q7.1) What archives/FTP sites are available?
 Q7.2) What Acorn related companies are available on the net via email?
 Q7.3) What are the submission addresses for comp.{binaries.sources}.acorn groups?
 Q7.4) What WWW pages are out there for Acorn topics?
 Q7.5) What Acorn BBS's are there?
 Q7.6) Where can I advertise second hand Acorn kit?
 Q7.7) Where can I find a user group local to me?
 Q7.8) How do I kill-file people using NewsHound?

Q7.1) What archives/FTP sites are available?

There are a few online repositories of Acorn/RISC OS software available on the internet. The following sites are a few of the more popular ones; - A massive collection of Acorn and RISC OS software including archives of old file repositories. - A good collection of freeware - a backup of the original Acorn FTP site

Q7.2) What Acorn related companies are available on the net via email?

There are quite a few companies now on the net and reachable via email with more joining as time passes. A comprehensive list of RISC OS company websites and/or contact details is available at

If you represent or work for a company that is not listed, and you would like to included in this list please send me an email to the address specified at the bottom of this FAQ, detailing the web/email addresses. I will then include them into the FAQ. However as a matter of policy I will only include an address if I receive email from the owner, or a representative for the owner, of that address.

Q7.3) What are the submission addresses for comp.{binaries.sources}.acorn groups?

There are four addresses involved here. To submit files for the groups send your email to:- for comp.sources.acorn. for comp.binaries.acorn.

For requests, comments and suggestions send email to:- for comp.sources.acorn. for comp.binaries.acorn.

Q7.4) What WWW pages are out there for Acorn topics?

The web is now expanding at an alarming rate and Acorn Web pages are popping up all over the place. This list of Web pages is checked periodically by myself for validity but I make no claims that URL's present here are currently valid. I'm no longer adding to this list because I maintain a more extensive and dedicated Acorn links page at so I would recommend looking there if you want to contact a specific company, person or locate a particular item of software.

Note that, as with email addresses, I require either the owner of the pages, or a representative of the owner, to email me if they wish to be included in the list.

Q7.5) What Acorn BBS's are there?

The following is a list of Bulletin Boards run on Acorn Computers.

If you spot any errors or indeed any Acorn BBS's not included, then please contact me.


BBS Name         Location       Times      Speeds        Numbers       Lines
Sysop Name                                 Network       Address
Arcade           London         24Hrs      300-33k6      +44 20 8655 4412  1
                                           Fidonet       2:254/27.0
Sysop: Dave Coleman/David Dade  24Hrs      300-33k6      +44 20 8654 2212  1
                                24Hrs      300-33k6      +44 20 8655 1811  1
                      18:30-24:00 Mon-Fri  Telnet 4
                      08:00-24:00 Sat/Sun  Telnet 4
BBS De Randstad  Den Haag NL    24Hrs      1k2-33k6      +31 70 3557975    1
Frank de Bruijn                            FidoNet       2:280/1203                    AcoNet        77:8500/203
The ARMpit       Denmark        24Hrs      300-33k6      +45 39675110      1
Sysop: Thomas Olsson                       FidoNet       2:234/181
Heaven                          24Hrs      Telnet  34
Sysop: James Coates                        VIEWDATA
Plasma Sphere    Cheshire       24Hrs      300-33k6      +44 1925 757920   1
Sysop: Keith Hall                          300-33k6      +44 1925 757921   1
Web:       FidoNet       2:250/219 & 250/222
Sysop: Miah Gregory                        FidoNet       2:2501/210
Yeti BBS         Felsnberg, de  24Hrs      2400-64000    +49 461 232721   2
Sysop: Birger Harzenetter                  FidoNet       77:8500/600

This listing is for Bulletin Boards being run on Acorn computers

Q7.6) Where can I advertise second hand Acorn kit?

There are various web sites available now that list second hand adverts without charge. If you are wanting to sell some equipment it may well be worth your time trying them. They are:-

The Acorn User Magazine website normally carries free ads, but you can also advertise for free in the magazine by emailing your advert to;

There is also a large Acorn/RISC OS section on the UK Auction site eBay (

You can also advertise items for sale on the relevant Acorn Usenet newsgroup. I would advise advertising hardware and peripherals on comp.sys.acorn.hardware and any software items on comp.sys.acorn.misc
Please respect Usenet 'netiguette' by refraining from posting your advert to multiple newsgroups (known as cross-posting).

Q7.7) Where can I find a user group local to me?

There are lots of local user groups out there, and the best place to find them is in the lists of the Association of Acorn User Groups:- where a global list of user groups is maintained.

There is also a list of worldwide usergroups kept on this website at

Q7.8) How do I kill-file people using NewsHound?

If you're using NewsHound for downloading Usenet messages and you find that a particular person irritates you, so that you wish to skip over their messages and not waste time downloading them, you can easily setup what's known as a 'kill-file' by creating a suitable filter in NewHound's "GlobalRule" file. Select 'Servers...' from NewsHound's main menu and then load "GlobalRule" into a text editor.

Add the following line in order to ignore all messages from person "XXX"

*               *       *XXX*   *       *       *       *       *       none

If you want to ignore any subsequent follow-up messages to their messages, you should also add the following line too.

*               *       *       *       *       *       *XXX*   *       none

Replace XXX with enough of their email address to uniquely identify the individual concerned.

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