Java test applets

This page provides links to a few test or demo applets. Each one has been checked and can be expected to run using Acorn's !Java.

In each case the applet is supplied in a zip archive. To run the applet, drag a copy of the zip contents to a normal directory, then double-click 'select' on the webpage file (finishes '/html') to load the page and applet. If these run ok, your browser and copy of !Java are working reasonably well!

To load an applet into ‘TechWriter Pro Plus’ drag and drop the webpage file onto the TW page. It will then be loaded at the caret.

The applets are divided into two types. The first set are deliberately simple examples so you can test that !Java (or !Chockcino) runs correctly on your machine. The second set are more demanding. They are intended to show that Java can be used for rather more than the ‘eye candy’ that often appears on web pages!

The simple test applets are:

The more demanding (and useful) examples are:
The above applets also serve as quite nice demos of the kinds of maths / eng / science applets that can now be loaded into ‘TechWriter Plus’ and extend its use for technical work.

If you are interested — and are not easily frightened by truly appallingly written code — you can look at the source code for the least squares applet here. Serious programmers, look away now...

BTW If you are interested, the circuit shows the effect of a simple resistor and capacitor as an 'integrator' when we input a square wave. There are more examples like this on the 'Scots Guide' website.

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