Safer Printing!

The actions of the button-bar icons along the top of the document window are controlled via the contents of the Resources file. I find that the default actions of the ‘print’ icon are for me the ‘wrong way around’. I used to keep accidentally clicking ‘select’ on the print icon instead of the save or spell ones on either side of it! This meant I kept going, “Aaargh! Nooo! I don't want to print!”

By default clicking ‘select’ on the print icon causes printing to start immediately and clicking ‘adjust’ pops up a dialog box for you to choose print options. I have therefore swapped around the actions of clicking select and adjust mouse keys on this icon. If you want to do this, proceed as follows:

Load Resources into an editor and change the line


This swaps the actions of select and adjust on this icon. Now when I accidentally click on the print icon I get a dialog box and a chance to say “Oops!”

If you look at this file you can see that the other button-bar icons work in a similar way. Each icon is identified and then followed with the action numbers it produces when you click select/adjust/menu. If you want, you can fiddle around with other icons, too. However, proceed with care! :-)

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