Icon Tech E-Mail List

There is now an e-mailing list for users of the TechWriter/EasiWriter range. The list was set up by Liam Gretton using the eGroup web-based host system. The list is designed to provide a forum for users to discuss Icon Technology products, share tips, and answer any questions. Icon Tech also now use the list as part of their excellent customer support, and to obtain feedback.

There are two ways to join the list

The webpage provides a form. It is more flexible than simply sending a ‘subscribe’ e-mail, and allows you to obtain a password and some extra facilities. However, it expects your browser to be able to cope with ‘cookies’. (That said, it will still enter your subscription, but then appears to fail when it complains that your browser won't accept a ‘cookie’.) If you just want to join the list, sending a blank e-mail is much easier!

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