Equations and Technical facilities

TechWriter and TechWriter Pro are specially designed to aid technical authors. One of the outstanding strengths of these applications is the ease of use with which they permit equations to be created in a fully 'wysiwyg' environment without the need for ‘helper’ applications or extra windows. The ability to generate equations and similar technical expressions is fully integrated with the wordprocessing facilities and can be accessed via the keyboard, the menus, and a 'pop-up' panel. This makes writing technical documents especially easy during normal typing. The engine used to create equations “knows” the rules of technical typography and graphic design and applies these for you. Hence superb results can be obtained with little effort.

The table below summarizes the main facilities which are available.

TalkWriteEasiWriterTechWriterEasiWriter ProTechWriter Pro
In-line equation editor
Display equations
Greek and Symbols font
Aligned equations
Automatic spacing
Save equation as Draw file

Layout commands for equations, etc, include: Above, Below, Fraction, Root, Delimiters, Function, Superscript and Subscript. These may be applied flexibly - e.g. subscripts of superscripts - and delimiters auto-expand to fit the enclosed expression.
Matrices auto-format and can have unlimited numbers of rows and columns.

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