Formatting abilities

I have divided the information on formatting abilities into two tables purely to make the information easier to read on smaller screen-sizes. Below these, the final table lists spellchecking (and related) capabilities.

TalkWriteEasiWriteTechWriteEasiWrite ProTechWrite Pro
User defined decimal character
Multiple columns
Auto-numbered Chapters and Sections
Auto-formatted tables
User defined tables with word-wrap

Note that — in the TW/EW family — “chapters”, “sections”, “tables”, “lists”, etc, are all structures. These can be ‘nested’ and set to either inherit properties from the structures in which they're embedded or have specific properties/styles of their own. This makes global/local reformatting particularly powerful and flexible.

TalkWriteEasiWriteTechWriteEasiWrite ProTechWrite Pro
Automatic Bullet lists and sub-lists
Auto numbered lists and sub-lists
Subscripts and superscripts
Footnotes and endnotes
Tabs - Right, Left, Centre, Decimal (user definable)

Spell Checking and Hyphenation

TalkWriteEasiWriteTechWriteEasiWrite ProTechWrite Pro
English Spellchecker
Exceptions editor
Speak guesses
European languages spellchecker
Multi-lingual hyphenation
Word lists
Word and character counts

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